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Social Impact

Doing What Matters Most

The eko Foundation desires to return to the community a portion of the goodwill it has received through a program of corporate giving.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve though the allocation of financial and human resources.  Health and human service organizations, youth and educational programs, the disadvantaged and other civic causes are all considered by the eko Foundation.

Projects funded:

BGC of St. Louis, BGC of Des Moines and BGC of Kansas City 

Why we funded:
Both founders of eko, in their ealry youth, both particiapted in BGC sports, activites and remember that as a positive influence in thier lives.
We believe in the BGC vision to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

The Time for Trees Initiative with recurring donations

Why we funded:
Humankind is facing a crisis: our ability to survive and thrive is at risk. Air and water pollution is rampant. Weather patterns are shifting at an alarming rate. Poverty is widespread.
The entire globe is battling poor health for a number of reasons. And society as a whole is becoming more and more fractured.
The Arbor Day Foundation is committed to addressing these problems … through trees.
Trees are an important part of the solution to many critical issues facing the planet and humankind.

The Foundation's Mission
The eko Foundation strives to support organizations that provide assistance to eko Associates and to invest in organizations where we can have the greatest positive impact on the participants of their programs.

Guideline For Giving
The eko Foundation reviews all requests for donations and requires that the proposal include the organizations annual operating budget, the most recent copy of the audited financial statement, sources of income and list of board members in the proposal. eko Foundation funds are reserved for Tennessee Valley organizations and used for specific projects. (Tennessee Valley counties includes: Bradley, Polk, Hamilton, Knox and Meigs).

What We Will Not Fund
Capital Campaigns
Endowments or debt reduction programs
General operating expenses of an organization
Religious organizations for religious purposes
​Political candidates

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for your request to the eko Foundation, please mail your request to:
eko Foundation
c/o Dusitn Jones
145 Rymer Road NW
Cleveland TN 37323

At EKO, we are guided by: