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Relax into ultimate comfort. Ovi knows you better than you know yourself,
thanks to its ability to mold to your body.
With minimalist appeal and lightweight sensibility, this high-quality
lounger set is the perfect companion for any relax-worthy space 
— intimate, personal or social.

Ovi is contemporary, soft, frameless and tailor made in 1,000's of upholstery options.

*Product shown is upholstered in an ultra plush fabric with the indention shown as if it were occupied.
*Vinyl upholstery will not look this plush.
*Upon receipt of product, the beads will need to be adjusted to produce this shape shown.
*Bags will come out of the carton looking like the image below, hanging on the wall.

Details & Specifications

Frameless, contemporary, comfy gear, available in 1000's of upholstery options.

  • Ovi-XL
    Oversized and super comfortable for larger than average occupants.
  • Ovi-L
    Most popular size fitting the largest demographic, perfect for all.
  • Ovi-S
    Petite for smaller occupants, less than 5 feet tall.
  • Hassock-L
    Oversized pouf for an affordable seat.
  • Hassock-S
    Great as a foot stool or small pouf for any environment .
  • Bags with long-lasting, 100% virgin expandable polymeric beads
    which carry a 1 year warranty, while craftmanship carries a full 10 year warranty.
  • A sewn-in handle for easy mobility or to hang while not in use.
  • Approved textiles include all graded in vinyls, polyurethanes,
    wools and textiles.
  • PDF overview

*Note: the inner filling is virgin EPS (.9 expanded polystyrene),
  a lightweight, but rigid foam.
  High traffic will speed up the the EPS replacement timeline.

*Replacement beads may be purchased online.
*Larger Ovi's will take 2 replacment bags.

*Adding or subtracting beads instructions

1. Turn the bag over

2. Undo zipper starting from the bottom of the chair up the outer back.

3. Once open, you will see a second set of zippers to open the bean chute.

4. Unzip chute and open the chute, and either add beads or take away depending on your preference.

5. Zip chute, tuck in and zip outer. Done.

*When manipulating the beads with zippers open, please have a designated area that is covered

as beads will be displaced. 

*Using a plastic cup or small bucket is best when adding or subtracting small amounts of beads.

*Have a receptacle or bag nearby for excess beads.

Statement of Line
X-Large frameless chair
W 44" H 36" D 48" SH 18 approx"
Download Image
Large frameless chair
W 39" H 31" D 43" SH 14 approx"
Download Image
Small frameless chair
W 30" H 25" D 36" SH 12 approx"
Download Image
Large frameless pouf
W 40" H 19" D 40"
Download Image
Small frameless pouf
W 24" H 16" D 24"
Download Image
Model G1/COM G2 G3/COL G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 L1 L2 L3
Ovi - OVI-XL
X-Large chair bag
COM 5 yds
COL 100 sq ft

X-Large chair bag
COM 5 yds
COL 100 sq ft

995 1110 1220 1330 1440 1550 1660 1870 2090 2300 2525 2750 2950 3070
Ovi - OVI-L
Large chair bag
COM 4.5 yds
COL 90 sq ft

Large chair bag
COM 4.5 yds
COL 90 sq ft

845 935 1025 1115 1210 1300 1390 1570 1750 1935 2115 2275 2450 2550
Ovi - OVI-S
Small chair bag
COM 4 yds
COL 80 sq ft

Small chair bag
COM 4 yds
COL 80 sq ft

695 775 855 935 1015 1095 1175 1340 1500 1660 1825 1970 2110 2215
Ovi - Hassock-L
Large ottoman bag
COM 4 yds
COL 80 sq ft

Large ottoman bag
COM 4 yds
COL 80 sq ft

680 770 850 930 1010 1090 1170 1330 1490 1650 1820 1980 2110 2210
Ovi - Hassock-S
Small ottoman bag
COM 3.25 yds
COL 65 sq ft

Small ottoman bag
COM 3.25 yds
COL 65 sq ft

530 595 660 725 790 855 925 1050 1180 1310 1450 1585 1700 1760
Textiles & Surfaces

G1 Broderick (phase out)

G1 Liv (phase out)

G1 Dorset (carded)

G2 Taye (phase out)

G2 Connelly (carded)

G2 Purl (carded)

G5 Cover Cloth

G5 Keynote

G5 Solitaire

G6 Mode

G6 Faux Felt

G6 Hobnob

G6 Synergy

G6 Merit

G6 Kit

G7 Oath

G7 Faux MO

G8 Keen

aged leather look vinyl

G2 Palance Vinyl (carded)

vinyl for high treaffic areas

G2 Whisper Vinyl (carded)

G3 Silvertex Vinyl (carded)

G4 Lariat Vinyl

G5 Evo Vinyl

G5 Vanguard Vinyl

G5 Tribeca Vinyl

100% polyurethane

G1 Dillon PU (carded)

G4 Canter EPU

G4 Eon EPU

G4 Beeline EPU

G5 Endurance EPU

G5 Groove EPU

G6 Printwork EPU

G6 Mogul EPU

100% wool

G8 Blazer

wool blend, matches quilts

G8 Synergy


L1 Davenport

L2 Cafe

L2 Florence

L2 Sierra

L3 Lena

L3 Vulcano