Please note that effective March 7th, 2022, an 8% surcharge will be applied to the total list value on all orders.
New August 2022 price list will go into effect on 08/01/22



Uncommonly comfortable. Dynamically supportive. The Soft modular lounge collection offers an irresistible place to get relaxed, get productive, or do a little bit of both. The seating’s upholstery is wrinkled and pleated, a welcoming departure from the modern, buttoned-up look of most office furniture.

Textiles & Surfaces

G1 Broderick NEW 2022

G1 Liv NEW 2022

G1 Dorset

G2 Taye NEW 2022

G2 Connelly

G2 Purl

G2 Frock

G4 Cover Cloth

G4 Keynote

G4 Solitaire

G5 Mode

G5 Faux Felt

G5 Hobnob

G5 Synergy

G5 Merit

G6 Kit

G6 Oath

G7 Keen

G7 Faux MO

wool blend

G7 Synergy

100% wool

G7 Blazer

wool blend matches quilt

G7 Synergy