high quality and exceptional value in these series: 
Hypate from $1,735 list     Machi II from $1,695 list     G1 from $1,495 list     Bello from $1,335
      available in 8 weeks in standard upholsteries

Our Crafted Services

When we say “The Craft of Seating,” we mean it. Though our highly automated manufacturing processes ensure consistency and quality, we also take a craft approach to everything we do. Our clients turn to us for quality, but keep coming back for the customized, hands-on services we provide.

  • Sales and specification materials
  • Design drawings and layouts
  • Special and custom furniture solutions
  • Special surface materials
  • Showroom displays and samples
  • Packaging, shipping and delivery
  • Positive, professional service that's dog friendly (we have dogs in our office everyday!)