high quality and exceptional value in these series: 
Stratos from $2,085 list     Hypate from $1,735 list     Ovi from $530 list     
    Machi II from $1,695 list     G1 from $1,495 list     Panal from $1,370 list       Bello from $1,335
      available in 4 weeks in standard upholsteries


IDI is a multifaceted design machine, collaborating with architects and top-tier contract furniture dealers to deliver client-specific furnishings for a variety of industries. IDI is headed by the founder of EKO, Dustin Jones (right) with partner Duff Jones (left), and has a long history of making custom products to meet the demands and desires of its clients.

Providing solutions everywhere from national automotive dealers to higher education campuses, to healthcare sleeping products, IDI is willing and capable to handle custom requests with the support of an experienced engineering team.