high quality and exceptional value in these series: 
Stratos from $2,085 list     Hypate from $1,735 list     Ovi from $530 list     
    Machi II from $1,695 list     G1 from $1,495 list     Panal from $1,370 list       Bello from $1,335
      available in 4 weeks in standard upholsteries

John Stafford and Chris Carter

Together, John Stafford and Chris Carter have created inspiring designs for over a decade. John Stafford, graduate of Kendall School of Design (Grand Rapids, MI) in 1975, worked as Director of Design with Monarch Furniture Manufacturing, Division of Mohasco Corp., now known as Chromcraft/Revington. There, he was responsible for designing many of the top selling products still being sold in the contract furniture market today. Chris Carter graduated from Pratt Institute (New York) in 1991. Deciding to concentrate on furniture design after pursuing other areas of design, he took the position as Design Director for Loewenstein. While there, he was responsible for numerous designs and programs for various high profile installations throughout North America. With an instinct for creating furniture that delights and invites, the team’s designs can be found in corporate, healthcare, college/university, retail store planning and hospitality markets worldwide.