high quality and exceptional value in these series: 
Stratos from $2,085 list     Hypate from $1,735 list     Ovi from $530 list     
    Machi II from $1,695 list     G1 from $1,495 list     Panal from $1,370 list       Bello from $1,335
      available in 4 weeks in standard upholsteries

Idea Starters

eko offers a resource of Idea Starters, now being revamped with social distancing standards.
Browse the gallery, then download the desired space data for use in AutoCAD, Project Matrix or 20/20 CAP.

amity benches
amity lounge
amity lounge, cluster
amity lounge, guest
amity lounge, standard
bello + juggle
bello + juggle, serpentine
brand capabilities, 1
brand capabilities, 2
brand capabilities, 3
brand capabilities, 4
g1 customer lounge / auto dealer
g1 customer lounge / physician office
g1 lounge area w/loveseat (wood)
g1 lounge area w/sofa (wood)
g1 lounge w/loveseat
g1 lounge w/sofa
g1 lounge w/tablets
hypate lounge
hypate lounge, biscuit tuft
hypate lounge, healthcare
hypate lounge, plain back
machi II customer lounge / auto dealer
machi II, healthcare lounge, solid surface arm caps
machi II, lounge, poly arm caps
machi II, study cluster
madmen lounge
madmen swivels
mod lounge,  healthcare cluster
mod lounge, work retreat
Modern Collaboration Area
mozzo + arc
mozzo + arc-swivel
mozzo + juggle, swivel
mozzo + juggle, x base
mozzo lobby, tablet
mozzo lounge
mozzo modular, armless
mozzo privacy, tablet
mozzo tablet, work time
neos dining
neos lounge
neos sectional
neos tablet
panal + prisma
panal, private work
panal, swivel & talk
powwow lounge
powwow, focus area
powwow, modular sofa
powwow, modular, converse
powwow, simple, lobby
powwow, swivels
stratos customer lounge / auto dealership
stratos healthcare lounge
stratos modular
stratos_standard lounge
stratos_think tank
vier + arc
vier + juggle swivel
vier + juggle x
vier + sutton
vier + swagr
vier commons
vier lounge, bolsters
vier sectional
vier sectional sofa
vier sectional, relax
vier, vis-a-vis
worklounge, quilted, line em up
worklounge, side by side