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Idea Starters

eko offers a resource of Idea Starters, now being revamped with social distancing standards.
Browse the gallery, then download the desired space data for use in AutoCAD, Project Matrix or 20/20 CAP.

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amity benches
amity lounge
amity lounge, cluster
amity lounge, guest
amity lounge, standard
bello + juggle
bello + juggle, serpentine
brand capabilities, 1
brand capabilities, 2
brand capabilities, 3
brand capabilities, 4
g1 customer lounge / auto dealer
g1 customer lounge / physician office
g1 lounge area w/loveseat (wood)
g1 lounge area w/sofa (wood)
g1 lounge w/loveseat
g1 lounge w/sofa
g1 lounge w/tablets
h@kr + juggle
h@kr booth, privacy, quilted
h@kr booths, quilted, bistro
h@kr dining
h@kr let’s talk
h@kr privacy dining
h@kr worklounge
h@kr worklounge, quilted, line em up
h@kr worklounge, side by side
hypate lounge
hypate lounge, biscuit tuft
hypate lounge, healthcare
hypate lounge, plain back
machi II customer lounge / auto dealer
machi II, healthcare lounge, solid surface arm caps
machi II, lounge, poly arm caps
machi II, study cluster
mod lounge,  healthcare cluster
mod lounge, work retreat
mozzo + arc
mozzo + arc-swivel
mozzo + juggle, swivel
mozzo + juggle, x base
mozzo lobby, tablet
mozzo lounge
mozzo modular, armless
mozzo privacy, tablet
mozzo tablet, work time
neos dining
neos lounge
neos sectional
neos tablet
nv lounge + prisma
nv lounge, auto dealer
nv lounge, healthcare lobby
nv lounge, tablet talk
panal + prisma
panal, private work
panal, swivel & talk
powwow lounge
powwow, focus area
powwow, modular sofa
powwow, modular, converse
powwow, simple, lobby
powwow, swivels
soft + juggle
soft + juggle, small
soft lounge, casual
soft modular, curved
soft modular, straight
soft shack
soft, banquettes
soft, privacy, double
soft, privacy, single
stratos customer lounge / auto dealership
stratos healthcare lounge
stratos modular
stratos_standard lounge
stratos_think tank
vier + arc
vier + juggle swivel
vier + juggle x
vier + sutton
vier + swagr
vier commons
vier lounge, bolsters
vier sectional
vier sectional sofa
vier sectional, relax
vier, vis-a-vis