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Vier sparks a new way of working. It’s exactly what the open plan was made for—landing spots that feel less like the office and a lot more like home.
Based on the 1970’s sunken living room seating concept,
also referred to as a “conversation pit”, divides the open plan space into zones.
work + relax + engage
In our vision, offices of the 21st-century may consist of sofas–and little more.
We realize what the modern-day office is truly in need of: even more casual seating, providing an alternative area for working.

Vier puts the same premium on a casual aesthetic to suggest a lifestyle in which work and relaxation aren’t at polar odds, but present in nearly every public space: cafes, airport lounges, hotel lobbies, corporate and co-working spaces of all kinds.

Vier - the next wave in design

Details & Specifications

Professionalism and relaxation have a hard time existing together. But with Vier, they’re a perfect complement. The collection is functional yet fun. Collaborative yet comfortable. Fashionable yet approachable by anyone, anywhere. 

Vier’s low-to-the-floor design maintains sightlines across the office landscape and mimics the feeling of a comfortable sofa. 
True resi-mercial appeal with subtle comfort wrinkles and perfect pitch create a relaxing park.     

When employees retreat from the desk, they still need power for their devices. Vier delivers it—in a discrete, intuitive manner. 

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