Please note that effective March 7th, 2022, an 8% surcharge will be applied to the total list value on all orders.

Surcharge 8%

March 07, 2022
Re: Surcharge (material/freight) – 8%, Q1 2022

Dear Valued Customer,
The cost and availability of key raw materials plus mounting transportation expenses continue to increase our costs significantly.
eko can no longer absorb these higher costs and meet the strong market demand for our products.
As a result:
1. eko is implementing a 8% surcharge (material/freight surcharge) effective 03/07/2022 to our 2022 list prices 
    This will be an additional line item on your quote and shown in list pricing and then discounted.
    All outstanding quotes will be honored through April 30th.
    All orders submitted on or after May 01, 2022, must have the 8% surcharge or will be added during order entry. 
2. In addition to this, all shipments into darkened areas on our freight map below, (either ordered from or shipped into)
    will incur additional freight charges and are quoted with each project in list prices.
    This additional cost is based on any/all freight associated fees that exceed 10% of the net shipment.


This increase applies to all customers or where contracts allow.
Please contact your eko sales representative if you have any questions.
Thank you for your continued business.

Dustin Jones
Founder / Director of Business Development