Please note that effective March 7th, 2022, an 8% surcharge will be applied to the total list value on all orders.

Dealer Quote Request

EKO requires the information below, fully complete, prior to starting a quote request.

  • All quotes will be provided to existing dealers only.
  • All quote requests for new dealers must be submitted through your local sales representative. 
  • We do not do custom furniture, only modifications to existing with a minimum of 25 units per model or if it is an add to a larger project over $200,000 list. Fees apply to all.
  • All requests for supplying alternates to a project will require a call with Demi @ 866.814.8356 x101 prior to beginning the process. 

To begin your quote request, complete and submit the following form.

Quote Specifications

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Quotes will be emailed to Dealers and their Sales Representative (list prices only). Contact your Sales Representative for discounts.

Quote Timeframes:  

  • Same day on 10 or less product line items, approved/graded in or COM (request must be submitted by 12pm EST)
  • 24 hours for 11 or more product line items, approved/graded in or COM 
  • 48 hours for all quotes requiring COM yardage requirements up to 10 product line items
  • 72 to 96 hours for all quotes requiring modifications or surface materials not in our standard offering or quotes requiring COM yardage requirements over 11 product line items