Beginning June 5th, we have updated our customer base to exclusively include a select group of dealers

enrolled in ongoing standards programs.

Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate servicing dealers

not included in this list.

Dealer Quote Request

EKO requires the information below, fully complete, prior to starting a quote request.

  • Quotes will be provided to existing dealers only.
  • Quote requests for new dealers must be submitted through your local or inside sales representative 
  • All requests for supplying alternates to a project will require a call with Demi @ 866.814.8356 x101 prior to beginning the process.

Quoting requirements

  • Project name / Dealer name / Ship to City, State, Zip 
  • Series name and model number
  • Quantities per model
  • Finishes & Textiles for grading purposes or mark as TBD or COM
    *eko products are available in standard upholsteries (on product page) and graded in upholsteries  
    *all others will be considered COM and must be approved by series
    *quotes may be completed in COM and marked PENDING FABRIC APPROVAL 
    *quotes requiring multiple COM's, please supply a multi-fabric daigram along with your request,
     located in the resource section of the product page 
    *swagr/juggle/arc models quoted only in standard offering,
     COM must be approved before quote is prepared
  • Options defined, e.g. ganging, tablet, etc. 

Quoting Times Frames

  • Small/Med quotes typically back in 24-48 hours (15 or less line items) 
  • Larger projects 48-72 hours (16 or more line items)
  • ​​​​​​​Substitute selections 72 hours+ 
  • Quotes requiring calculation or yardage requirements, 48-72 hours

Quotes will be emailed to Dealers and their Sales Representative (list prices only). 
Contact your Sales Representative for discounts.

Quote Specifications

Product Line Item 1

Product Line Item 2

Product Line Item 3

Product Line Item 4

Product Line Item 5

+ Add another product line item (you can add up to 5)

Each file is limited to 5 MB