high quality and exceptional value in these series: 
Hypate from $1,735 list     Machi II from $1,695 list     G1 from $1,495 list     Bello from $1,335
      available in 8 weeks in standard upholsteries

Welcome to SPIFF street!

Now let's not waste anytime and explain how the program works and how to get you PAID!

1.) Complete all fields and submit. Every po# must be submitted.
     You may enter more than one po# at a time in the field below.
2.) Provide a W-9 for tax purposes. Download here to desktop, fill in and return.    
     Please return to invoices@ekocontract.com
3.) After the invoice is paid, you will recieve an email with the amount due.
4.) Receive a tracking number of the check being sent. 

**Paid every month on the 25th of the month.
**Must be registered for, prior to ship/invioce date.
**3% on all purchases with standard dealer discount
**All invoices over 45 days in dating are exempt. 
**Only paid to to those who influence the sales process.
**Not paid on dealer orders specified from independent design firms.
**Designers are encouraged to register for incentives.