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EKO continues to be one of the fastest-growing companies in contract furniture. This is due in large part to the wide variety of choices we offer our customers. Internally, we love making choices, too, and we choose to do what’s best for the environment whenever we can. We actively collaborate with leaders in the industry to ensure we not only meet but often set the standards for sustainable practices. From designing to manufacturing, through delivery and beyond, we are making huge strides toward creating the tiniest footprint possible. On occasion, we kick back and rest in our comfortable products, but we never rest on our laurels. We are constantly evaluating and challenging our processes to ensure everything we do today will be a positive EKO tomorrow.

You're dam right we're making a difference

Our Tennessee Valley manufacturing facility receives 90% of its power from hydroelectric. We’re located less than 10 miles from one of our nation’s most efficient and ecologically beneficial dams on the Ocoee River. Not only does it power our state-of-the-art waste reducing CNC machinery but also our T5 high-efficiency mirrored lighting systems that are as bright as they are smart. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our processes for our people and the planet. The latest example is the installation of a Kaeser compressor system, decreasing work area noise by 50% and adding 500 kilowatt-hours per month in energy savings.

It starts and ends here

We get local, meaning we actually buy locally. Over 90% of our raw material is sourced within 300 miles. Wood is the framework for many of our products; our supplier is close and delivers a long list of advantages including both SFI sustainability and NGBS green certifications. Beyond proximity, material matters. And our partnership with Momentum and their 100% clean vinyl is another example of how far we’re going to preserve our world. Although our product is locally sourced and manufactured, it can be found across the globe. To help reduce the impacts of shipping, we partner exclusively with SmartWay® carriers. This relationship, along with our partnership with Arbor Day Foundation / BlueSource, ensures that all outbound orders are now carbon neutral. To further impact the entire lifecycle of our product, we are working with ANEW, providing take-back solutions that facilitate the donation of products and materials to public agencies and charities within a 50-mile radius, benefiting the local communities in which the furniture first resided.

A natural partnership

This industry is full of extremely talented and passionate professionals, many of whom are stewards of the environment. We engage and partner with collaborators and organizations that believe in the responsible use and protection of our natural environment. Those that are guiding and developing more sustainable practices and leading our industry in global conservation efforts.