New April 2023 Price list with sharper pricing, shorter lead times and lower freight minimums 

Lead time: 20-25 days
Leg Finish
PC20 flat black
PC20 flat black
PC4 silver
G1 Broderick Hemp
G1 Broderick Hemp
G1 Broderick Natural
G1 Broderick Oat
G1 Broderick Seaglass
G1 Dorset Platinum
G1 Liv Dove
G1 Liv Indigo
G1 Liv Smoke
G1 Liv Wicker
G2 Taye Granite
G2 Taye Ivory
G2 Taye Platinum

soft armless, Q-24003

Total List Price:
$1,995 G1 / $2,100 G2

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